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Getting More And More Troublesome}
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 | 6:27 PM | 0Comment


  Fortunate and unfortunate. I always be both of them, depends on the situation. The consequences. Just found this pic and suddenly, realised. I become the unfortunate one, again.

"Rindu pada diriku yang dulu.. Diriku yang cuba mendekati-Mu. Dulu.."

Yes, I am troublesome. Nowadays, kept reading The Hunger Games. Frequently, feeling how pathetic they are in a reality. Their enforced love. So pathetic, I mean it. Hearing lots of english songs, in a way to make my brain switch to English version as I gonna face Reading and Writing test sooner. But, as usual I put too much onto it. My heart and soul also involved, almost fully. As a result, words and words of english always pop out from my mind.

Playing piano apps from the mobile phone, to get calmness. Of course you never get it as much as everytime you approach Allaah. But, I just love musical instruments which give calming tones.

But sometimes, something tickle my iman. Isn't it lagha??  Putting ur heart and soul into it? Well, this is the thing, trouble that u have to face when u over-feel to anything. Keep questioning myself, "Does these worthy? Ni yang payah bila jadi orang yang terlebih feeling, like mey..

And the answer comes-- No need to push yourself too much to the dunya. Just to ease your future life. But for akhirat, focus to it. Never let it go, slips from your heart. NEVER. Set in your mind, never let these dunya things become raise OVER the akhirat. (OME, I don't know if I'm expressing this correctly or not).

   Islam itu menggalakkan kesederhanaan. Dunia akhirat , balanced. Dunya isn't prohibited, it just how you present it as in your real life.

And at the very same time, I feel fortunate as Allaah always ease me in my doing. Thanks to HIM who always  be there by my side...