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Aslan Muhaimin's Nightmare~}
Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | 11:39 AM | 0Comment



Duh, my! I remembered bout Aslan Muhaimin a day before... Or is it 2 days b4?? Naaahh, I don't know. This is making my brain split into 2. Yes, Aslan Muhaimin is one of my greatest dreams. How could I deny it? I wanna make it a reality, making it as an ebook. One of the ebooks novel that can help our teens of muslim towards reaching their heart to Islam.

Ooo Allaaaah...

Do make my dreams come true. Seriously, I need a writing class, or a session, maybe. Some of Hilal Asyraf writings do remind me bout how bad my writing was!! Really?? Shut!

Sometimes I dreamt bout scene-- when I take the proposal to KRU, and they want it to be a film. Fantasy Islamic Film! Just imagine... CEEHHH... Melampau dah... I feel like I wanna meet Hilal face 2 face n help me by correcting my words.. Smothing it... Something like he made in all his novels.. I do wanna make that, Seriously.. But, I keep feeling that.. THIS GONNA BE A HAAAARRDDD WORK.

eDITING.. rE-EDITING.. Editing.. Re-Editing... (now I made spelling mistakes!)

Yachhh.... Enough with that.. Emo-ing...

Done! Assalamualaikum...

ps- Sorry 4 this horrible post. Dude, shut it! :P