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Waiting For 30 June To Finally Welcome Me!}
Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | 12:39 AM | 0Comment

Salam. Okay, that's my last-book-will-be-read before I enter INTEC. Seriously, I'm getting fond of books. Anywhere I go, I will just stick with my book. Recently, I've been wondering. Afraid if I care of the books MORE than Al-Qur'an. And most of my day I keep remembering myself about the love notes from Allah. Dear, please don't mess things up! Remember Allah the MOST! Again, self reminder~

Shush! Okay, run out of the title again.

Oh, Allah! 30 June is such a long time to wait! I know, some people may say that I'm such a lucky person to have extra holidays. But guys! You already skimming the subject, the books and I am what? Skimming those english books, which I am really fond of. I'd remember once when my mother dropped the Pendragon book from her grip. I was like, emmhhh... Jatuh pulak dah.. At that time, I feel like I am the one who dropped and banged on the floor. Ya ALLAH, enough with your obsess! 

Hah, at least I've finished Troubletwisters the first then followed by The Unwanteds in just 2 days and a half! The Unwanted is just like the twin of Harry Potter. You should read it in instant!

See you soon! Assalamualaikum~