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Stick With IB Thingy}
Monday, June 3, 2013 | 2:33 AM | 1Comment

See the picture? Yes, that's right. I'm choosing JPA, sitting for Ib and THAT'S FINAL! Trust me, it's really tough to make the decision. Struggling with my inner side which tends to make me keep choosing IB instead of UIA. UIA is ok, but somehow I think I should grab the gold.Yes, I'll be taking IB (you what?). Hey, IB is not tough! Think positive! It's not IB is your problem, it's how you cope with your study. That's how u remind people, and that will be how u teach yourself. With the help of Allah, the Most Almighty, it can be done. Insyaallah!

Remembering the dialogue in study room, with Miss A
Me: Anti nak further study mana lepas ni? UIA?
A: Ana cadang nak gi luar negara.
Me: Wah, hebatnya! Ana tak berani pi luar negara. Dalam cukuplah. UIA pun rasanya tak layak dah. Ingat nak pi USIM. Oh, betullah, adik beradik anti ramai belajar oversea. Patutla nak jugak.

*Masa tu pikir. Camnalah nak survive kat luar negara? Tiba2 keluar result, dua-dua dapat. UIA dan oversea (persediaan). See? Kita merancang tapi Allah yang menentukan :) . Before this, I was a very VERY shy girl. Rarely seen speak in front of others. Even my classmate was like, "Why don't you mingle with the old students? Yeah, I admit that. One point for u. It's-- at that time, I was very VERY VERY HUMBLE (again?). After entering PLKN programme, it makes my inner side to gain strength. Being positive ++ (which is a value that already in my mind before), confidence to speak and making friends~ Now I'm the one who will start chattering with my new friends. See the impact? Bigger enough for me. Hehehe

Ok, I've run out of the lines! Sorry, it's IB topics, not PLKN!

I started googling about IB in the web, kinda find it interesting, but tough though. Some of my PLKN friend got A-Level. Can't hardly find about the IB students in Halatuju Pendidikan's group. Seems I need to meet new friends again. It's ok, no probs. Scary if I have to stick on the same person all the time, right? Some of the KMB seniors already making the jonior-will-be freak out with the task, TOK, EE and all the stuff. Haha. *Please, don't try this at home. LOL.

IB is fun, yes. IB is fun, just do you BEST on time management. Means, no over facebooking, no over blogging and so on. And, pray a lot! Never leave Allah, and Allah will give you the 'aura', the strength! Just believe it!

Dialogue with my 'mak'
Me: Mak, cek nak bagitau ni. IB payah, so nak mintak suruh ayah beli supplement minda bleh? Yang ni ramai dah orang try, berkesan. Kita ikhtiarla, cek ni slow sikit belajar. Dalam kelas pun tak larat malu sebab tidoq lam kelas. Kena gelak satu kelas berapa kali dah. Tak mo tidoq lam kelas dah. Tapi, harga dia agak mahalla jugak. Bleh tak?
Mak: Tanya la ayah. Berapa harga?"
Me: RM 2++. Blehla mak.
Mak: Tula, mak duk pikiaq gak pasal Zaim nak SPM ni. Hurm... Tak tau, tanyalah ayah.

*Pujuk ayah, cakap, sekotak pun jadilah. Sekali tu ayah cakap ok, beli. Tapi tak tahulah betul ke tak. Ala~. Kalau tak leh, beli kotak gingko macam SPM jugaklah. Tapi ngantuk tu tak leh lari gak minum tu sebab hanya utk memori.

End of discussion, IB is fun. Challenging but fun. Need to practise well on time management (useful advice from KMBians. The teachers are great, more like SPM teachers! About EE, I've been used with novels writing, so that could'nt scare me much.

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