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Mana Pengharapan Pada Allah..??}
Wednesday, May 22, 2013 | 2:52 PM | 0Comment


The thought of it like, killing me from inside. Throbbing my heart. It was painful, at first ~

"Yes it is, indeed!"
I was like, what???
"Didn't she tell u?"
"I'm afraid, not? Dunno... Lost contact~ But why?? Just tell me. And please don't break our silaturrahim...

That time, I feel ALONE. Feeling Allah is really near me...

I cried -- At first, because of her act.
Then, my tears just rolling down my cheeks.. A lot..

I sensed Allah. Eager to ask Him, to hug my heart. Never leave me. Now then I started missing Allah more, more than her~

This statement burst out from my brain---
"Di mana pengharapan kamu pada Allah???"

Haraplah kamu hanya pada Allah. Jangan berharap pada manusia. Kerana kamu tidak akan pernah puas, selagi belum meletakkan sepenuh jiwa raga kamu untuk Dia.

Feel it... Dream it... To love and be loved by Allah. And to put your HEART AND SOUL. Only 4 Him. 

But, please.. my friend.. Uhibbuki Fillah, Abadan Abada. I know you'll never forget that. :)